"Believe in you. Believe in life. Believe in tomorrow. Believe in everything you do, every time." - Bill Kaulitz

Cara Delevingne Sings For LOVEvid

Cara Delevingne Sings For LOVE

Raise your hand if you love Cara Delevingne as much as I do!! ♥  The gorgeous Cara Delevingne lip-synced Shania Twain's song "That Don't Impress Me…
Lezly Jan 29, 2013
VIDEO Where Are We Now? - David Bowievid

[VIDEO] Where Are We Now? - David Bowie

Here's the new video of David Bowie: "Whe Are We Know?"  I'm glad that he is back with a new album ♥     
Lezly Jan 08, 2013

Dear David Bowie, Thank You For Your Wonderful Words

David Bowie. What a man... There are tons of words that could describe him. But there are just two words that could say it all…
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Lezly Jan 08, 2013
2013 Is Gonna Be THE Year!!pic
Merry Christmas Eve :-pic

Merry Christmas Eve :-)

Hey guys! How are you? Are you ready for Xmas? :-) Well, as every Xmas... I'm going to have dinner with my parents :-) Wish…
Lezly Dec 24, 2012

Girls' Generation Will Comeback In 2013

Girls' Generation is one of the most important group in Korea and also they're my favorite korean group. On January 1st, 2013 the girls will…
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Lezly Dec 20, 2012

Nothing Says Christmas Like Hello Kitty!

We never get too old for Hello Kitty cuteness! And during this holiday there are a lot of stuff to celebrate Christmas with our favorite…
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Lezly Dec 10, 2012

November, What An Interesting Month...

nbsp; Thank you November, you have been an interesting month... It hasn't been the best, but I survived. I learned to many things, I know that I…
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Lezly Nov 29, 2012
Rock 'n' Roller Puppetpic
Hey Everybody! :-pic

Hey Everybody! :-)

I know that I haven't been here for a long time... AGAIN! I'm so sorry :'-(  But let me tell you that I miss this wonderful…
Lezly Oct 26, 2012

Fashion Trends For This Fall

Have you already got some ideas for this fall? No? No problem, I got you covered!    Japan has the best fashion trends for this fall! Like…
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Lezly Oct 16, 2012
Rihanna Presents Her New Album Coverpic

Rihanna Presents Her New Album Cover

Today Rihanna finally released her amazing album cover for her 7th studio album called "Unapologetic". The cover is simple, but you can't deny that she…
Lezly Oct 11, 2012
Tokio Hotel Are Back Together!pic

Tokio Hotel Are Back Together!

FINALLY! After so much time... Seriously, it was like 100 years for me... TOKIO HOTEL ARE BACK TOGETHER! Maybe you don't have any idea... But…
Lezly Sep 23, 2012
Rocking The Bangs!pic

Rocking The Bangs!

I never changed my style... And I don't know why... But it all changed this month. On September 1st, I decided to make a change…
Lezly Sep 20, 2012

Wildfox Fall 2012: "Star Crossed Lovers"

Wildfox Couture revealed their new collection for this Fall! It's called "Star Crossed Lovers".  And well, just FYI... I WANT IT ALL! Can somebody give me…
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Lezly Sep 12, 2012
Guess Who Got Lucky at Maroon 5's Concert!pic

Guess Who Got Lucky at Maroon 5's Concert!

Maroon 5 is one of my favorite groups since they released "This Love". Last weekend I went to their concert in Lima, Peru... My VERY…
Lezly Sep 03, 2012

Hello Kittyrobot!

The “Kittyrobot” exhibition opened last week in Tokyo at Omotesando Hills with the goal of bringing both smiles and support to those affected by last…
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Lezly Aug 22, 2012

New Clothes!

I loveeee to go shopping! If you are a girl & you don't... Maybe you're not from this planet!    Well... Last Sunday I bought all this…
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Lezly Aug 21, 2012

Last Weekend With Karla!

Last Saturday, I went to Adammo's Live DVD Concert with Karla. Adammo is a peruvian band and they're pretty good so... Yup, I was there…
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Lezly Aug 21, 2012
Happy Birthday Demi!pic

Happy Birthday Demi!

Today is Demi Lovato's birthday!! I hope that she's having a wonderful day with all the people she loves :-) And of course... She already…
Lezly Aug 20, 2012

Happy 7 Years "Durch den Monsun"

It all started with a song...  Today is "Durch den Monsun" anniversary! 7 years ago, 4 german boys made their debut with their main single…
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Lezly Aug 15, 2012

The Perfect Concert Outfit

Maroon 5's concert in Lima, Peru will be held on August 28th and... I'M GOING! It's pretty exciting because I loved them since they made…
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Lezly Aug 08, 2012

Bill & Tom at Aerosmith's Concert Afterparty

Last night Bill & Tom Kaulitz attended to Aerosmith's concert afterparty. Here's a gallery of them when they arrived to the location :-)    And also... Here's a…
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Lezly Aug 07, 2012
A Weekend With My Cousinpic

A Weekend With My Cousin

Last weekend I had a great time with Paty, she's my cousin. We talked about our life, studies, family, friends, make up & trends. We…
Lezly Aug 06, 2012
It's a New Twin Tattoo!!pic

It's a New Twin Tattoo!!

Hello guys!! :-) Do you remember that last week I talked about Bill & Tom Kaulitz and their new tattoos/piercings? Well... Guess what? I was…
Lezly Aug 01, 2012

Guess Who's Getting Hotter!

Can you recognize him? No? Well... He's Bill Kaulitz, the singer from the german group Tokio Hotel!   Yesterday he wrote on the BTK App…
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Lezly Jul 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Audrey Kitching!!

Happy birthday to the gorgeous & also one of my biggest inspirations in the fashion world: Audrey Kitching!! I wish her all the best in…
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Lezly Jul 26, 2012
BFF Necklaces!pic

BFF Necklaces!

Be honest... We all have matching items with our best friends ;-)  Well... Last month I bought this babies for my best friend Vhane & I…
Lezly Jul 26, 2012
See You Soon!!pic

See You Soon!!

The girl in the photo is my wonderful BFF Vhane. This morning she left me... She is going to Korea for almost a year. I'm…
Lezly Jun 25, 2012

Bill & Tom Kaulitz in LA (May 19th, 2012)

Bill & Tom Kaulitz (the famous twins from Tokio Hotel) are having a great time in Los Angeles.  This photos were taken on May 19th. They've…
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Lezly Jun 22, 2012
What I Wore Yesterday!pic

What I Wore Yesterday!

Here's a pic of what I wore yesterday! Few weeks ago I was really bored, so I decided to restyle an old T-shirt... And this…
Lezly Jun 20, 2012
Happy Father's Day!!pic

Happy Father's Day!!

One important thing that you should know about me is that I'm a daddy's little girl. My dad is a wonderful person with a big…
Lezly Jun 17, 2012

f(x) are back!

Finally the lovely girls from the korean group "f(x)" are back!! Their new mini album "Electric Shock" is just PERFECT! I love the theme that…
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Lezly Jun 11, 2012
New Photo: Bill Kaulitz, Natalie Franz Tom Kaulitz!pic

New Photo: Bill Kaulitz, Natalie Franz & Tom Kaulitz!

If you aren't into the Tokio Hotel world as I, maybe you shouldn't have any idea of who is Natalie Franz... She is Tokio Hotel's…
Lezly Apr 25, 2012

And finally...

As I promised you guys, here's my photo with Demi Lovato! She's tottaly a sweetheart and I had a great time at her concert! It…
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Lezly Apr 24, 2012
And Today Is... My Birthday!!pic

And Today Is... My Birthday!!

Hi everyone! Are you enjoying your weekend? :-) Today is my birthday! Finally I'm 19 & I'm so happy :-) Plans for today? I'm going…
Lezly Apr 06, 2012

And Finally Bill Kaulitz Appears As A Guest On "Germany's Next Top Model"

WOOHOO! Finally "Pro7" showed the episode of "Germany's Next Top Model" with Bill Kaulitz as the special guest! In this episode Bill was flirty with…
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Lezly Apr 05, 2012

[NEW PHOTOS!!!] Bill Kaulitz at "Germany's Next Top Model"

On Thursday "ProSieben" will show a new episode of "Germany's Next Top Model". And in this opportunity Bill Kaulitz is the special guest! For that…
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Lezly Apr 03, 2012

Bill Kaulitz at "Germany's Next Top Model"

Wow, wow, WOW!! Bill Kaulitz is going to be part of next week episode of "Germany's Next Top Model". The episode had a photoshoot called…
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Lezly Mar 29, 2012
Bill Tom Kaulitz against animal cruelty in Ukrainepic

Bill & Tom Kaulitz against animal cruelty in Ukraine

Bill & Tom are involved in the huge movement called "Stop Animal Cruelty for the Euro 2012". PETA has organized a large photo campaign to…
Lezly Mar 22, 2012

Tiffany (Girls' Generation) for Vogue Girl Korea

These photos are part of the photoshoot that Tiffany from Girls' Generation made for Vogue Girl Korea. What do you think? I'm totally in love with…
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Lezly Mar 18, 2012
Zebra meets leopard!pic

Zebra meets leopard!

This week I'm rocking this design on my nails. I'm totally in love with it!! What do you think? Do you think that I picked…
Lezly Mar 06, 2012
Bill Kaulitz collab with Far East Movement!pic

Bill Kaulitz collab with Far East Movement!

Hey guys! Far East Movement's new album "Dirty Bass" will be out in May... and it will include a collab with Bill Kaulitz from Tokio…
Lezly Feb 27, 2012
New shoes!pic

New shoes!

Last night i bought these beautiful babies! I can't help it... It's was love at first sight hahahaha
Lezly Feb 27, 2012
Hello, Hello, Hello!!pic

Hello, Hello, Hello!!

Hi guys!! I missed you all!!! Finally i got my iPhone 4S and... I LOVE IT
Lezly Feb 24, 2012

Happy 22nd Birthday to Sooyoung of Girls' Generation!!

Today is the birthday of my favorite girl from the korean group Girls' Generation, Sooyoung! She turned 22! What can I say about her? Well... She is…
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Lezly Feb 10, 2012

New magazine!: "Bravo Special - Tokio Hotel Nº 5"

I bought this wonderful magazine the last Saturday and... I LOVE IT! It has a lot of posters! My favorite is the one who says…
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Lezly Nov 29, 2011
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